Specialists in Teacher Training,
Educational Assessment and
Materials Development for Latin America

We are an international provider of educational services to institutional customers in Latin America, and we also help foreign companies and agencies to optimize their operations in the education sector of the Spanish-speaking world. We deliver print and digital materials and content development, teacher training and educational assessment in ELT programs (English Language Teaching) and we partner with universities in the USA and Latin America to help meet the needs of English teachers in Latin America.

Today's educational institutions must prepare students to succeed in the competitive global economy of the 21st century, and LAES gives governments and private organizations the tools they need to meet this challenge. We deliver turn-key project management services and university-level expertise in educational development.


Teacher Training and Professional Development

We offer a series of proprietary courses for teachers needing to improve their English and who wish to study and learn English language instructional methods, including the official PNIEB methodology in Mexico. We produce customized courses for English language learning.

We also connect Intensive English Programs (IEPs) at American and international universities with public and private customers in Latin America that need short-term and long-term teacher training, especially in the area of English language teaching (ELT), and including both language and methods.

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Educational Assessment and Evaluation

We develop and implement large-scale, customized English proficiency assessments for institutional customers in Latin America and the USA, and coordinate university-level research design and data analysis. We deliver representative data sets and analysis with university-level rigor and confidence.

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Materials and Content Development

LAES is a development house, and produces new print and digital educational materials for third parties under contract. Our content development experience is focused on the English language learning market in Latin America, and we have helped publish many best-selling titles and series for EFL students across the region.

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Publications and Products

Our proprietary catalog of publications is oriented toward English teacher training and provides highly functional resources and manuals to enhance the classroom learning experience in Latin America. Our diagnostic exam DIME™ (Diagnostic Instrument for the Measurement of English™ ) has been used by hundreds of teachers as a quick and easy-to-use placement test.

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Our catalog of professional development courses for teachers includes both live and online options. We specialize in courses teaching English language learning and ELT methodology, and also develop custom courses for ministries of education and other regional institutional partners.

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We represent select American and British publishers, content providers and educational software developers to distributors in Latin America and help them increase sales and expand their market share in the region. We work with select local textbook and content distributors in Latin America and we facilitate relationships with publishers.

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Curriculum Development and Consulting

Our team of specialists at both American and Latin American universities can help ministries of education and private education customers develop world-class curriculum and standards and to monitor these programs' implementation and effectiveness on a state and national level.

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International Project Management

We have deep experience working with ministries of education in Latin America and handling whole-country-level educational research projects, educational assessments, large-scale project management and grants. We deliver the objectivity and academic rigor that can only be derived from the international university community.

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