We publish several proprietary manuals and resources for teachers, including:

Paso A Paso Con El PNIEB en Las Aulas

Paso a paso con el PNIEB en las aulas, a 120-page guide for English teachers working in the Mexican ministry of education and who must implement a new, socio-cultural curriculum. This volume emphasizes lesson planning and offers a wealth of relevant resources and tips for teachers. The best manual available for new PNIEB teachers!

Estrategias didácticas para maestros de PNIEB, a manual that presents a wide array of teaching strategies directed at the reality of the English teacher presently implementing the PNIEB curriculum in the Mexican public schools. The most complete guide for PNIEB teachers! (available January 2013)

Visit the website for Paso a paso con el PNIEB en las aulas:

We also develop and publish a proprietary English diagnostic exam called DIME™ (Diagnostic Instrument for the Measurement of English™) which is used to measure proficiency in English among teachers and students. Covering all four language domains - listening, speaking, reading and writing - DIME has been used for purposes as varied as to filter English language teacher candidates who lack other credentials in state recruiting efforts in Mexico, as well as a pre-test and post-test among ministry of education teachers and students in an intensive English course funded by the World Bank.

DIME™ exists in a standard form and may also be customized for individual customers.

DIME - Diagnostic Instrument for the Measurement of English