Teacher Training and Professional Development

Latin American Educational Services draws upon the resources of more than 300 university Intensive English programs (IEPs) and coordinates summer and full-year professional development programs for teachers in public and private institutions in Latin America.

Our specialists in academic English for adults have experience teaching English in an academic setting and understand the needs of English teachers in developing countries. We also work with international leaders in curriculum development and ELT methods to create integrated solutions for our customers.

We match American universities with state and local government entities in Latin America needing help training English teachers, and we adapt existing university Intensive English programs to match the specific needs of institutional customers. Our courses vary in length according to customer needs and typically present a combination of:

  • Learning English as a foreign language (grammar, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation)
  • Accepted ELT teaching methods and classroom techniques
  • Training on the local (state) curriculum and its implementation in the classroom.

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